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a southern girl from "Bama" who loves to create. always known for the big brown eyes, big heart, and starting another to do list. always thinking of something new due to a never-ending imagination. a product of love, chaos, and honesty. a very soft spoken woman, with very vociferous points and heartfelt advice. usually nicknamed "lucky charm" or "bubbles". a woman who praises the Most High, and gives thanks for everything instilled in her. a woman who plans to positively leave her mark on this earth. 


prominently influenced by fascination with nature and natural duality, split by naéture is the purest reflection of its owner's existence and expression. the owner is a gemini born in the north and raised in the south, influencing the natural split; the naé in naéture is derived from the owner's middle name, janaé.


it is such an honor to be loved and supported by you! thank YOU so very much for your time, your effort, your positive energy, your existence. please know that you are loved and appreciated. hope you enjoy the site, the merch, and the art! again, thank you!